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I need a new blog, a new spot to try to make sense of the world as I see it...here is my new URL:


I will still lurk around here, I have multiple friends here at LJ and I don't want to lose touch.


I know it has been a while since I last updated...nearly 2 months. There has been so much bullshit going on, mostly health related bullshit...that it never dawns on my to update! I've been beyond stressed, and I keep making myself sick cos of stress...and that's on top of all the chronic sick!

Just bear with me, please. I'll get back to "normal" soon, I am definitely working on it!
These are the rules if you want to play: Don't take too long to think about it. Fifteen albums you've heard that will always stick with you. List the first fifteen you can recall in no more than fifteen minutes. Tag fifteen friends, including me, because I'm interested in seeing what albums my friends choose. To do this, go to your Notes tab on your profile page, paste rules in a new note, cast your fifteen picks, and tag people in the note.

I will admit I cheated slightly on this...I took longer than 15 mins. A lot longer than 15 mins. ;) In no particular oderCollapse )

Boring update

I realise we have previously established that I have the most boring life...ever! And that I am stuck a in a rut I don't have a prayer in hell of ever digging out of! But I figured we might be due for an update.

Highlights of this week so far have included:

having to take a taxi to a grocery store, alone...at night. It was so bloody bright and visually overloaded in there that I sort of fell apart for a bit...I let the voices take over...they got so bloody loud and I was seriously freaking out. Then I took a deep breath, put my ear buds in and listened to my iPod and it all went back to normal. Normal being a relative term...obviously.

painting my nails and meticulously applying decals...cos I can't draw on paper, I am not going to try on my fingernails!

I also painted an ugly plain white mug I had to buy at Starbucks recently cos I knocked it off the shelf with my walker and it broke. They probably wouldn't have made me pay for it, but I just announced that I would. The part that broke was one big piece...easy Superglue fix. The problem is...I am not a plain white person! It's covered in multi-coloured glitter now! I also painted a flower pot cos I bought two new plants. They are little, so they can go in the pot together. I named them Lucy and Ricky. :)

Having lunch with my sister and my nephew. He's 3 months old...oh man he is so super-cute! Seriously he is off the charts adorable! Bets and I have had lunch together a few times recently...it's been nice. And not just because of my nephew, Owen. :)

I discovered that my hair is long enough to put in two goofy pig tails. The last time my hair was long enough for rubber bands was the new year's eve that I asked my mum to cut all my hair off. I can't remember when that was...but we have LJ Archive for that... ;) It was 31 December, 2006. I really ought to take a picture...the crazy, thick, super-curly, wild hair of my youth has made its return. Oh my god...it's fucking nuts! Nuts and BIG! I had forgotten!

I have become completely addicted to the TLC show LA Ink I think it is partially because I have been aching for some new ink lately. And because Kat von D is fucking hot!

I think I have run out of stuff to babble about. Oi! I heard that collective sigh of relief! ;) I think I need a nap before I chat with Nicky! Be back god knows when... ;)

Three Good Things Sunday

1. Going out for Boba with Gina-Bina.
2. Kitties sleeping in sun patches.
3. Green-Tea and Ellie my SuperPokePets that are silly and make me laugh!

Just a little something I totally "borrowed" the idea from an LJ community. ;)

Holy shit...another one?!

I had the most pointless visit to the endocrinologist today. Really...we could have done the "good job, you're doing great" crap over the phone and saved me a long dumb day and a sunburn! On 11th June I had to call 911 because my blood sugar was off the charts high. You know you are fucked when the glucometer on the ambulance says your blood sugar level is too high for it to read. I believe we topped at 518 that night. Normal is between 90 and 120. Oopsie. So, I stopped pretending I am not diabetic, took the prescription for the short acting insulin and came home and watched the first World Cup match. Anyway...here we are barely a month later and my 14 day average is 99 and my 30 day average is 126...see I can do this right, I just fucking hate it!

I did finally manage to finish that letter to my friend. I'll mail it tomorrow since I carried it around with me all day and forgot to mail it!

OMG...another one?!

I woke up this morning with such a headache that I had to take some Midrin and go back to bed. I couldn't even turn my head it hurt so much. I hate those headaches and I think they should be abolished! I'm just not sure who I speak to about that! ;)

I think it's about 5000 degrees outside, and I am going to have to leave my wonderful air conditioned loft and walk to the store, get some stuff and then walk it home. YUCK! I willbe needing an iced latte! If I didn't need kitty litter so badly, I wouldn't go!

Uh-Oh I think we have a trend...

I've been writing the same letter to a friend on and off since the 2nd of July. I am so stuck in a boring rut that I can't even write a letter to a friend because NOTHING EVER CHANGES and everyone already knows!

I feel the need to do something crazy coming on...not dangerous, not harmful to anyone, just something ridiculous and not part of my rut. I'm so stuck...I can't even think of anything!


I joined Ravelry tonight, I finally gave in to multiple years of "bullying" from a friend. I have no projects, no patterns, no stash of yarn fun...I'm sure I'll get there. Erm...I'm thinking headband first, cos I can't find my soft headbands anywhere. I don't always want to wear the hard plastic ones. Sometimes hard plastic and Fibromyalgia do not go together!

see...really not dead! ;)

The other day at the grocery store I bought Costa Rican coffee instead of Sumatran coffee like I always buy, because I am afraid that I am turning into my father. I don't really want to be in a rut it will take me six lifetimes to get out of, even though it seems like everything I do points in the other direction. I'm going to be really pissed if I don't like Costa Rican coffee!

About Me:

I'm a geeky, caffeine addicted, sci-fi loving, writer with opinions...and I know how to use them! I swear, I rant, I ramble, I'm not always happy. I'm working on the not always happy thing.

I'm disabled, I spend a lot of time at home. I am unable to work. I am also apparently part vampire...up all night sleep all day. Someday I might find a time zone where my body clock is "normal" but I'm not counting on it. ;)

I love to make people laugh, I try to always be there to support my friends. I am gay. As I explained to my family...boys are for looking at, girls are for fucking. So...if I go on about how beautiful I think a guy is, it's only cos he's eye candy.

What you see is very much what you get with me. I don't play games with people, life is too short for that shit. I am very honest and frank with people...if I think you are being an idiot, I will tell you, in a constructive way.

So...that's me in a nutshell. Nut is the key word there. ;)

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